Design Build - NeoNomads

This project involves us working for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) inSharjah, to build a shelter for hikers and scientists in Hatta. A shelter that houses two people, that is sustainable and is also very lightweight.. As makers, we dealt
with every aspect of working on a real project with clients (EPA) who gave us valuable feedback. We celebrated a sense of making thatcomes from a design build studio and came up with efficientways to tackle problems in the professional world of architecture.The Project was finished in its entirety by the end of May 2018.


Making a man made transporting object that transfers building materials to our given site without using without using any type of motor and technology. Me and my partner, Shreya, paid a visit to the scrap yard and made this Roller out of recycled materials.


On site construction     
The whole team of eight people put together our pre-fabricated building on site.