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If you have ever heard the phrase “Portland is so white!”, you have likely heard it more than once. Despite the city being known for its liberal setting and its popular motto “Keep Portland Weird,” Portland has made newcomers of color feel alienated and alone.

Many Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) newcomers who move to the city experience culture shock and ultimately exhibit negative feelings towards Portland’s noninclusive culture.

Ironically, the lack of diversity in Portland ends up discouraging the number of diverse individuals migrating to Portland and living in Portland long-term; a vicious circle with no easy solutions. 

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Hence, BIPOC—identifying newcomers in Portland are consistently unable to find a sense of community. This is compounded by the fact that they are busy with work, studies and do not have the time or the energy to find people and spaces that feel welcome and familiar. As a result, they are unable to feel accepted as a part of the larger Portland community.
How does the integration experience differ based on “easily observable” differences from the white majority?

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